Friday, 5 March 2010

Confused !

Start confused in myself ! Confused

What am I thinking about right now?

What exactly actually I want in my life?

Dear GOD, please help me in making the right decision for my life.

I dunno what is the BEST for me.

I need the BEST for my life !


Mood : Teramat bengang dengan someone yang dah buat taik padaku ! Angry


  1. do the thigs that totally make u life happy here after!!
    folow ur heart!
    mimie pegang prinsip ni..
    "percaya dirimu, pasti gembira selalo".. for u too..
    then, u will know life is an adventure in discovering..
    syg khatty!

  2. thanks a lot my dear mimie..
    starting from now on, i will always listen to my heart..

    hopefully what my heart say is always rite.

    life gonna be extremely adventure if we know how to discover it.. rite mimie?

    BTW, thanks for always being by my side. and thanks for listening to all my problems. proud to have u as my friend..
    luv u gurlfren :)