Monday, 1 February 2010

Hello February

Its second month of 2010!

Yay! Its February guys.

What is special about February?

To me February is a special month where two beloved person in my life born in this month.

The only person I mentioned is of course my lovely mom and my sweet friend.

Fyi, today 1st February is my friend’s birthday.


Happy Birthday to Melati Izwani Mohammad Mahayuddin @ Mel.
You already 20s Mel. You are older than me! Big Grin
I miss you dear! Sad
When we can meet? There’s a lot of story wanna share with you.
Swear, this moments I miss you! Suddenly remember our memories during school time.
You’re my best friend that I’ll never forget.
Love you sayang!

oh ya! Cant wait too till 20 February because its my mom’s birthday.

I would like to plan something on that day for my beloved mom.
Mom, just wait for my surprise yah..
Love you Mom! Love Struck


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