Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Update for 2010

" Is it too late for me to wish Happy New Year?

I think a bit too late but yet still I wanna wish Happy New Year.

Welcome 2010!

Sorry because quite so long this blog was not updated.
I’m kind of busy with college task. Plus can only online during weekends.

So far for early 2010, my life was so good. A lot of things changed.
Now, no more pain, no more sadness in my life.
The only thing in my life right now was happiness.
Happiness and happiness.. Laughing

I have my family besides me, friends around me that can make me be the most happiest person in this world. Thanks guys for being next to me when I need you guys the most! Love Struck
Thanks Allah too for giving me a chance to live happily..

And talk about college, so far this semester, semester 4 was an awesome semester for me. Why? Because this semester I can’t play fool anymore. All my lecturer are too strict. In class, once you lost your focus, you will not get what is it the lecturer said.

And for me, this is the best chance for me to change myself so that I can be more serious in my study. So far now, I can see that I’ve changed a lot in the way of my study. Now I used to finished all my task before the due date. Not like before, I used to do all my task last minute. This changed is good than previous right?
Perhaps with my changes, I can improve my pointer for this semester and perhaps I am one of the students in DEAN’S LIST! Big Grin
Pray for me okay Batting Eyelashes

With lots of Love, Khaty

MOOD : Missing our memories at Malacca Love Struck


  1. kak!
    thun ni akk last semester ke?

    p/s : miss u la! :p

  2. last semester? no la.. 2 semester to go.. semester 6 baru hbs.. skunk br sem 4.. why hani? terkejut er ngn perubahan kerajinan akk tu er? he he he..

    miss u too dear :)

  3. waa..
    bgus lar sis khaty buat prubahan..
    truskan yer!

  4. he he he.. nasib baik la dah tersedar.. so kiranye msh lom terlambat lagi.. he he he :P

  5. kembali sudaaaaaa
    dua hati satu jiwa taaak logik.
    kan kepala dia sambung, macam mana dia boleh pakai tshirt? pelik gile.HAHAHA


  6. HAHAHA... betul tu Han..
    kinda tak logik skit..
    time tgk tu pon, im wondering and ask my friend bout the same question..
    kepala bercantum cam ne pakai baju?