Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ice Room

Last Thursday (28 Jan 2010), before going to midnight, after finished class, me and Sara went to eat at Ice Room in front of our college. It was our first time went there..
Saje je la nak test kan hows the food kat sana.. Kalo sesapa yang minat dessert macam ice cream tu elok la kalo try makan kat Ice Room tu. Agak banyak jugak la choice kat situ.

And on that day, me and Sara try Blueberry ice cream, Spaghetti with mushroom source and charcoal bread with planta and kaya. All of our food tasted good except for the charcoal bread. For me its kinda ‘tak sedap’ Big Grin

For KPTMKL student yang lom try out that Ice Room, try la makan kat sana.. Agak berbaloi gak la kot.. Batting Eyelashes

Clicky Time

DSC05661 DSC05664

Sweet moments with my best friend ever. Thanks to her for the treat. Cayang kamoo ketat-ketat. Kamoo satu-satunye kawan yang plg terbaik sejak semester satu Love Struck


  1. sis sumpa mmg sdp mkn kt c2..
    but nina lom try lg ice cream kt c2..
    t nk try la..

  2. u should try it dear..
    agak berbaloi :)

  3. perlu ke ltk gmba ak???????

  4. ha ha ha.. sara ke?
    perlu la...
    baru la market skit :P