Sunday, 1 November 2009

My Bucuxx

Actually I'm quite shocked and touched when I watched this vid at my lil sis's blog. Ezma I cant believed you made this. Rasa nak menangis je tengok vid ni. Crying

When I watched this vid, its reminded me the first time we know each other through myspace. Am I rite? I'm so glad and tak pernah rasa menyesal dapat kenal dengan Ezma. And thanks for being my lil sis.

I cant imagine how my life will be without you . Because you are the most important person in my life. When I have problem, you will always there for me. You never being bored with all my story. And I'm sorry if I've trouble you a lot.

I do really hope relation kita ni takkan jadi mcm dulu. I mean time akk terkecik hati dengan ur best friend tu. Kan akk merajuk jugak dengan Ezma, rite? So dun ever lost contact again ok. And I'm sorry for that.

I hope we can be pet siblings FOREVER yah!

I love You So much!


*Tekan Play untuk tengok vid itu *

Mood : Sangat terharu. Sayang Ezma


  1. lorh!!!u put de vid ma!! memalukan er..da r ezma x pandai wat..lgu berterabor:( but im happy dat u r so touched! hehe..n to de others yg tgkke..ape2! i know my engRish broken..haha

  2. no my dear. im so happy and touched about that vid u made. thanks a lot.
    luv u :)