Saturday, 17 October 2009


"People never know how special someone is until they leave"

*This is what my housemates Tika always said to me*

But maybe sometimes its important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is!

Seriously I'm sick with my relationship among my housemates. I dunno what to do anymore to make the past be the future . I already apologize to them if I make mistake through part of our friendship but its still the same. No changes ! Sad

I dunno if I already done big mistake until they can't forgive me . If I did , I take this opportunity to apologize again to you guys . Please forgive me and I really hope our friendship back to normal .

*Suddenly thinking about Emma* Crying

I really miss all my sweet moments with you Emma !
But it seems like all our sweet moments are gone ! I know I always disappointed you with my behaviour eventhough thousand times I said sorry to you but I really hope that you can forgive me again and I do really hope we can be like past. Crying

Sometimes if I tried to be like past , tried to make jokes , it seem like you ignored me. And I dunno what should I do to make you conscious with my present in front of you. Maybe I'm wrong too because I always concerned more about Sara but I hope this is not the reason for you to hated me that much Sad
I LOVE all my housemates including you Emma! But I feel liked I'm losing you day by day. I hope if you read this , you can forgive me and I hope we can be like past. I throw away all the bad memories with you and tried to build new sweet memories with you but yet still I cant get new memories with you .

I really miss the old Emma . I want to be like the first we know each other. I miss the moments we together awake unti morning and chat everything in one night. I miss the moments we share our secrets . Its really fun and I hope we can do like that again, Emma.

Emma , from the bottom of my heart , I'm sorry for what I've done . Hope you can forgive me and I do really hope we can be like past . I hope you can be the old Emma and I can be the old Khaty and we can be friend like first.

I miss the old Emma!


  1. xpe lah sis...
    bg dia msa..
    mungkin ade bnda yg masih dia xpat lpakan..
    sis jgn ptus asa untk b'baik ngan kak emma k?
    hani tau,jauh dlm hati dia,dia pun nak berbaik ngan kak khaty..
    teruskan berdoa,mga hati dia terbuka....insya Allah... ;)

  2. thanks hani. I really hope that me and her can be like past.