Thursday, 11 June 2009

Kerajinan untuk membuat tagged

Ha..Today Im quite crazy because tetiba pulak rajin nak buat tagged walaupon tgh bersedih ni.. SobSobSob..Actually petang tadi time mendarat kat blog my fren,Teha I saw new tagged.. Dia tak tagged sesape pon but anybody yang rasa nak buat boleh saje.. So aku pon dengan rajinnye nak buat.. Ni la tagged nye. hahahah

1. If you can be an animals, what will you be?
A bird maybe. Because a bird can fly anywhere. Tp ade burung yg tak leh terbang but I wanna be bird yang leh fly. hahaha

2. If you robbed a bank, what do you want to do with the money?
Duhh I will never robbed a bank.

3. If you can teleport yourself anywhere in the world , where do you want to be?
Korea maybe. Sungguh addicted sama korea.. Korea!!!wait for me ok.

4. If you know that are you dying, what is the last meal that you want? Why?
I dun want anything lorh.

5. If can you only kill one person in this world, who this a person? why?
You! hahaha.. Yah its you :)

6. If you can choose either to have more than 24 hours a day or can live more than 100 year what is your choice? Why?
Choose to have more than 24 hours a day coz live more than 100 years make me look old and dah takde tenaga time tu.. So what for rite? haahah

7. If can you date celebrities, who that is person? Why?
My dear Jae Joong and Xiah Junsu. Admired them so much. Oppa saranghae!

8. If you can only have one thing in this world, what should that be? Why?
No idea lorh.

9. If you have the opportunity to tag 7 of your friends, who are they? why?
Sesapa jela.. hahaha


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  1. yahooo... khaty dah wat tag... dah agak dah, mesti nak pegi korea... pastu nak g jumpe korean celebrities... hehehe...