Sunday, 24 May 2009

Syurga Cinta


Last Thursday[21 May 2009], a day after finished my last paper for final exam,me and my housemates decided went to Midvalley because we already plan that we want to watched midnight movie.

Actually on that day,before we went to the midnight,we went to E-box for karoake.. Then at night watched movie pulak. Ish gila betul kami ni Big Grin. Well this is the time for enjoying ourself setelah bermati-matian perah otak untuk final exam. Am i rite?? Devil

Fyi,not all my housemates join watching midnight movie.. The reason is secret Winking.
So only me, Sarah and Tika went to the Midvalley. But Tika bring along her boyfriend. So she went to the Midvalley with her boy while me and Sarah went there by car. They arrived first before us.

All of us watched different movies. Tika and her boy want to watched X-Man while me and Sarah want to watched Syurga Cinta. So we are not in the same cinema. Luckly the time is same.

Synopsis Syurga Cinta

"Syurga Cinta" (literally "Love Heaven") might be a movie title that seems a little cliche or unappealing to some but it describes exactly the plot of the movie. Actor Awal Ashaari stars in this movie alongside newcomer Heliza in a story about two Muslims of Malay ethnicity with traits and believes that differs from one another and how parental guidance bestows a tremendous influence on the child's future.

The film opens with the scene of Irham's (Awal Ashaari) homecoming being celebrated by him and his buddies at a nightclub. The next day, Irham was given a challenge by his mates (Shaheizy Sam and Fizz Fairuz) to court a pious Muslim girl, Syuhadah (Heliza). Within a month, he must break up their relationship in front of his friends to win the bet.
Placing religious subject matters in a romantic relationship related to youths, the movie is viewed as a medium to educate and foster its audience. There's no denying that there are numerous religious values implanted within "Syurga Cinta" making it something positive to look forward to. However, when the film becomes so dense, it shifted to appear as something unrealistic and seemed made-up by the creators of the film. It is true that the abundance of information and dialogues were inserted into the script, but are there actually people in the real world right now that would speak like how the film portrays people to speak?

For the role of Irham that is played by Awal Ashaari, it is not distinguishable from the roles that he had played in the past. Although, an applause should be given to Awal for his success in embracing the role especially during the scene where Irham went on to meet an uztaz and was finally aware of the sins that he had done. The role of Syuhadah that is played by newcomer, Heliza, however was not performed well by Heliza but it is forgiven since this is her first feature film. Hadziq played the role of Ikmal, an active and brilliant 8 year-old boy that is unquestionably joyful to the audience. His behavior is enough to make the audience laugh.

The director succeeded in sending out messages of religious values to the viewers but unfortunately, it would better if they could make it more realistic to people. To the fans of such films, "Syurga Cinta" is a touching and heart-warming film for you to watch.

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-The End-

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  1. haha..cter ni best2..
    lg2 adik haziq tuh comey jer..hehe

  2. best ke cter ni?..
    sok bru nk g tgk..

    p/s: sis ok2..t klu jmpe.. nina tgr k..anyway nk tnye..bisnes IT ni ok x?..die hostel ke uma? ea?..

  3. teha pun nak g tgk cite nie... tgk gazet, menarik jer... lagi2 dgn kemuslimahan heliza, kehenseman awal & kecomelan haziq... hehehe...

  4. nabila : yah u rite..haziq tu comel :)

    neena : cte ni best gila.try la tgk..
    business it bg sis ok la gak..hostel tu mcm unah..bknnye cam dom..satu umah cam biasa ade 3 bilik

    teha : tgk jgn tak tgk.rugi oh kalo tak tgk. khaty hampir menitiskan air mata masa mlm tgk cte ni T_T

  5. hmm..akk hani pun dh tgk cite ni sis!dia kta cite ni sgt hni xikut coz exam..isk2...sgt sdih... ;(

  6. yeke??ala ciannye dia..takpe2..nnt time cuti skul tak lama lg hani g la tgk k :)