Saturday, 23 May 2009


For a quite long time me and my friends from Islamic School lost contact. Finally we get in touch back. Im so happy to get in touch with them back. I think almost five or six years we lost contact. But now I do have their phone number so we will not lost contact again Winking.

Today my friend decided to meet at Jusco Maluri. I just agree what ever decision that are made by them. Plus Jusco Maluri is near from my house. I bring along my bestiest,Fifi. Thanks Fifi because willing to accompanies me today. Big Hug

Me and Fifi arrive at Jusco Maluri around 10++ am. Then we waited for my friends. Eventhough not all my old friends came today but I think we still have a great time . Am I rite guys? Tongue

Not much we can do at Jusco Maluri. So we just window shopping and have lunch at the food court. During the lunch time,we changed a lot of story. Education story and maybe our love story Blushing.

Around 1 pm we all decided went back.

DSC04451 Sweet Rite?? Qila and Nazli Love Struck

DSC04452 At back :Sabrina and Khaty
In Front: Qila and Nazli

Image000 Khaty and Sabrina

-The End-

Mood ::Fallen in love with you::


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