Saturday, 23 May 2009

Goodbye GMI, Welcome Tulip Apartment

This is a story about my college life. Well as far as u know before this I was living at GMI which is provided by my college. But as KptmKl students, we have sign agreement that we just stay at GMI only for two semester. Now I have finished my semester two so me and my housemates and all students who lives at GMI must find another house for rent.

Guys, finding a house for rent is not easy as what u think because I already went through it. Its a though experienced for me At wits end.
But with the patient that me and my friends have, finally we found house to rent at Pandan Indah near lrt Cempaka. Great that we found that house. For us, eventhough some people said that our rented house quit far from college but we still satisfied with that house because it has a lot of facilities that we as student required such as public transportation facilities. For instace,lrt station(easy for us to go and back from college), a lot of bus and taxi transportation. Not just that, our rented house also near with food corner, bank, clinic and many more.

After we deal and get the house key from the owner, we went to the house and clean all part of the house. Well here I have upload some photos during the cleaning time. All my housemates look very diligent to clean the house so that the house look awesome Laughing. But in the same time we still have time to snap some photos to keep as memorable time in our life. Guys, I really have a great time with u all at this moment eventhough each of us felt very tired at this time. Hopefully we can create a lot of sweet memories through part our friendship. I love u guys! Kiss


Doorstep to go to our bedroom.
Fyi, our bedroom is upstairs.
Downstairs is our living hall.


This is a part of view for our living hall.
For me the living hall is quit big and can comfort all of us.


The diligent of Emma cleaning the glass table.
Fyi, the glass table is belong to Emma.
Thz Emma coz bring that table and let us put television on it Big Grin




After finished a day cleaning the whole part of the house, we decides to have dinner at food corner named given is Lrt Corner.(Bwh rumah kitorang jee pon.)
The food boleh tahan lorh.
When all rasa lapar,semua yg tak berapa sedap pon boleh dibedal. Am I rite guys?Laughing

-The End-

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  1. wah, dah pindah.
    jiran la.
    hehe. ;)

  2. yup..sememangnye kita jiran :)
    ade ms dtg la umah.heheh

  3. wah..besar gak umah tu sis...
    cntik2...msti best duk ngan fwens kan??t'ingin nk rsa pnglmn cmtu..

  4. lps nie bolehlah hangout smpi kul 2-3 pagi... xde lah lg kena kompaun dgn miss bibi...hehehe... nanti teha nak dtg umah khaty tau, then khaty kena masak spaghetti + air tembikai (ni permintaan tetamu tau, so kena tunaikan)...ekekekke... ;)

  5. tul tu teha..
    lps ni hr2 leh hangout sampai kul 2-3 pg and no more compound dr miss bibi.. :)
    wah teha..demand lebih nmpk..heheh..
    insyaallah ye :)