Friday, 3 April 2009

Mid Term Exam

Begin with Assalamualaikum.
Hello guys! Big Hug
I’m back with new posting.
My latest posting is about Mid Term Exam Weeks.
To me,this week is a bit stressful week because I have to answer two paper in one day. And both paper is quite taugh! At wits end

Well usually Friday is the mid term day.
So today is the day which I really worried about because I have Mathematics For Computing and Computer Structure Organization paper.To me both paper is really hard espacially Mathematics For Computing because my lecturer for this subject expect 100% A’s for my class. This make me more pressure At wits end.
But I think I done my best in answering both paper. So I hope I can really score in both paper. Guys wish me luck ok!

Hour, Minutes, Second before the Exam


Azu : Guys, someone is taking our pictures.
Mari ramai-ramai kita cover cun Winking
(Cun ke tidak?) Rolling on the floor

DSC03967 The only Dean List Dbit girl semester one (Siti in purple color)
is teaching Aida for Mathematics For Computing subject.

DSC03968Emma, u are not supposed to use mobile phone in library! Big Grin
Even this picture is candid but Teha in orange color and Nadia in brownish color still show their peace finger. Rolling on the floor
(Sungguh gila kamera)

DSC03970 Azu(purplecolor) : Bell, how u do this?
How u get this?

Bell(yellowish) : Why so many question u ask?

What do u do last nite?
Why dont u revise it on ur own?(Bell is getting angry)Angry

This is the situation before entering the exam hall. As we can see, all students excited and unpatient to enter the hall because we wanna throw out whatever we read yesterday on the exam paper so there’s no more pressure Doh

DSC03971 *Teha is always looking at the camera* Tongue

*Semua gambar yang dipaparkan hanyalah candid.
Harap sesiapa yang terlibat secara langsung or secara tidak langsung dalam gambar ni jangan marah yah!

*Dialog hanyalah rekaan semata-mata dari pemilik blog ini


  1. woooo!! khaty upload pic the dr blakang tu???burokssss laaaaa!!
    menyempat jer kn snap2 dlm library..
    nseb xde owg sound kte..

  2. hehe..
    btul r sis...
    time exam je cm tension sgt2..
    tp bila hani tgk kwn2 sis seronok je nk exam...
    serius!!rsa sng hti lak tgk diorang hppy je...

  3. to teha : dah kata gmbr2 candid so kna la upload..heheh..tu la smpt2 je tngkp sume gara2 nk post kat blog :)

    to hani : biasala walaupon kami tensen tapi kami tetap tidak lupa untuk bergelak ketawa..heheh