Sunday, 5 April 2009

Happy birthday Yasmin

Why so many people born in April?? For those who was born in April, I wish u guys Happy Birthday.. Well lets start the story.

Last night[1145pm]I received phone call from my friend Emma..

Emma : Hello
Me : Hello
Emma: Wat pe tu?
Me : Tak wat pape pon. Juz tgh dgr lagu je. Nape??
Emma: Oh! wei esok kau ade g mana-mana tak?
Me : Ntahlah. Tak sure lagi. Aku ingat nak kuar g beli bag. Bag aku dah koyak. Tapi tak sure lagi lah. Npe?
Emma: Takde pape tanya je. Actually nak ajak kau datang umah aku.
Me : Nape??Ko wat pe??
Emma: Adela.. Rahsia..
Me : Ala ade wat pe cakapla.. Aku kena pakai cantik-cantik ke tak yah?
Emma: Kau dah cantik dah tak yah nak cantik-cantik lagi.
Me : Oh ye ke??Blushing
Btw ade pe esk??cakaplah..
Emma: Takdela.. Ade makan-makan sikit..Birthday aku esk.
Me : Ha??! Tipu la birthday ko 15 April la.
Emma: Hahahah.. Takdelah birthday anak buah aku sekali.
Me : Oh..
Emma: Ajak Sarah sekali tau..
Me : Ok babe
Emma: Esk nak gerak msg tau.
Me : Ok
Emma: Ok la see yah tomorrow.
Me : Ok bye.
Emma: Bye.

Then after that, I text Sara and inform her about that but Sara did not reply my msg. I guess she’s already sleep. So this morning I get reply from Sara. She ask me whether I wanna go or not. I said I wanna go because if not Emma sure ‘tarik muka’.
So me and Sara decided to go. Around 12pm I fetched Sara at her home. Then after that,we proceed to lrt Salak Selatan. I park my car at the Lrt Station. I dun want to go by car because I dunno the right way to go to Emma’s house at Sentul.

We arrived around 1pm. At that time,the party just begin but we still not late. Actually the party only for Emma’s family. Why I said like that is because people who attended the party all from Emma’s family. Just me and Sarah is not from Emma’s family. But at least we are invited to the party Winking

Clicky Time

DSC03973 Me and Sarah at lrt Salak Selatan

DSC03978 Yasmin’s Birthday cake.
It’s blueberry chocolate cake.
My favourite cake..
Love it Love Struck


This is Yasmin. Birthday girl.
So cute. Rite??
Happy birthday Yasmin!
Sori no present.


Emma with her niece,Yasmin playing Barbie Doll.
Emma stop playing. U cant play it coz u are not kids anymore Tongue


Emma the childish Laughing


Yasmin’s brother : I also want that present!
Why I did not have like what my sister have??
Its unfair! Crying

Going back time


I love posing!
Its fun. Laughing


My funny face. Rolling on the floor
So ‘sengal’

Khaty is under danger! Rolling on the floor

Click image for Enlargement!


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