Sunday, 15 March 2009

MidTerm Eng1002

"Reading Gain More Knowledge"

Well lets the story begin..
Last Friday[13 March 2009],a day before mid term break, I have Mid Term for subject Eng1002. This test start at 3pm and finished at 430 pm. Why this test is not set early in the morning??Because at this hours, I cant concertrated on answering all the question coz my brain is sleeping.hahahah..
I only can focus answering the test if its started early in the morning coz my brain already awake..hahaha..Whats a nonsence I talked about..Well juz forget it k..
But eventhough my brain half asleep at that time but I still do my best in answering all the question. Guys, wish me luck ok for the upcoming paper..

2 Hours before Eng1002 Test

Ahhhh!!!Im frozen.. Guys help me!!!!

What are u trying to do and laughing at Emma??Are u trying to tease Sarah??hahahaha

Sarah is always in her bluurrr mood.. Come on gurlz! Wake up ur mind...hahahaha

Before the Eng1002 test start, me, Sarah and Emma went to the college library..Dunno why suddenly we want go there..Dah buang tabiat agaknye kot..hahahah.. I thought I can study peacefully there but I cant coz Im dying guys sitting in the library..Its soooo cold and make my brain frozen.hahahaha.. After almost one hour we are in the library, we decided went out coz Its tooo cold.. Then we went to cafe coz Sarah still not lunch yet.. Around 230 pm I make a move leaving Sarah and Emma coz wanna meet my classmates at Bilik Oren.. Luckly my classmates still there..

Before Enter The Exam Hall

This is the situation before all students may enter the exam hall.. Its too crowded guys.
Eventhough there is a few minutes left before the exam start, I still have time to catch my friends candid moments.hahaha.. What like I always said is, "Posing itu penting". Hahaha..

Well guys I think I should end here coz my eyes is going to shut down..hahahah..
Macam komputer pulak ade shut down..
Will continue and updates more after this ok..
Oh ya! Before I lost my memories, wanna wish u all Happy Holidays k..
Enjoy ur holidays but dun forget to revise ur study.


  1. Huhh..gambarku buruk..
    bile khaty snap??
    xprasan pun..

  2. hehehe..e2 gambar candid lorh :)

  3. hehe...
    smpt gak akk snap pic...
    betul betul betul!!
    posing itu penting!!
    bnyknye buku...
    xsanggup nk tengok..

  4. Uih! ENG1002? Sapa ngajo?
    Kitorang CSOM blaja ENG1002 SEM1 hari tu. huhu~

  5. to hani : biasala tu..
    posing itu penting.hehehe
    akk pon dah muntah darah sbnrnye tgk buku2 tu.heheh

    fahmi : siapa ngajo??mr elmy fairuz..
    knl tak?? :)

  6. Kenal.
    He teaches us(csom) for subject eng181. dan dia sangat sempoi

  7. oh he teach u eng181 for this sem ke??
    yup tersangtlah sempoi dia tu..hehehe