Friday, 20 February 2009


Yesterday my classmate decided want to wear the same cloth.
So we decided to wear the F1 shirt.But one of my friends Teha dont have the F1 shirt so she juz wear her orange blaus..Actually I also dun have the shirt coz the shirt is at my house so I decided borrowed from my roomates.
Seems Teha is a bit different from us,one of my friend said Teha is da CEO among us.Hahaha..
So funny..Whateva it is I love all the shot that we got yesterday..

Its Dorayaki

Yesterday after class I went to the Midvalley wit Sarah coz I want to bought something for my mom..But it end up with nothing coz I cant find anything for my mom.
But yesterday I found my dorayaki..Finally I found it!!


  1. wah..
    cantiknya t-shirt f1 tu!!!
    orange la..
    mmg lawa!!!

  2. huhhh...suke pic2 bju oren tu..
    but malangnye teha xseragam ngan korg..
    Lorh..harus ker sebut teha CEO..

  3. lawa sgt bju2 oren 2..lawa sgt..wah!! dorayaki doraemon ni hehe

  4. to teha : sememangnye la teha da CEO..kalo baju seragam pon teha tetap CEO.hehehe

    to fadzleen : baju oren kami sememangnya lawa..heheheh

  5. Lorh..perlu ker??
    diri ku nie xlayak nk jd CEO ar..

  6. teha : sape kata tak layak??
    layak la..mana tau one day u'll be de ceo :)