Friday, 20 February 2009

Assignment and survey at MidValley

Salam everyone.
Salam pembuka bicara sebelum cerita dimulakan.
Moga-moga kalian sihat sejahtera hendaknye..
Wah!Skema plak ayat kali ni..hahahah
Dah buang tabiat agaknye si Khaty ni.

Well as I said before I only update my blog during weekends..
During my holiday..So lets enjoy my stories blogger!

Last two weeks,me and my classmates group went to Midvalley coz we have to do some survey about all shop in Midvalley.This task is for my Business assignment.
So we all decided to do the survey at Midvalley coz one of my friends know all about the Midvalley shopping mall..This task must do in group.Each group must have at least 5-6 person in a group..I have 6 person in my group - Me,Teha,Ct,Nadia,Azu and Fendi.

We went to the Midvalley by car.Its my car..
So means 6 people in one car.Can u imagine it??
But whateva it is,its fun guys.

Here some pictures that I've upload for u guys during the survey..
So juz enjoy ok :)

*Me and Teha*
*In front the McDonald*

*In front the Cosmic Bowl*

*In my car.Why im sitting at the back??Its because at this time my friends Azu was driving my car*

*Pictures taken by Azu and Fendi*


  1. suke lepak mid ar ni ek??sme ar hehe

  2. hani : thz dear :)

    leen : suka la gak..
    len kali kita lepak sesama er..