Friday, 23 January 2009

1st week semester two sangat kelam kabut

Hye everyone!Sori coz lately no update from me.
Im quite busy with college stuff.
My 1st week of semester two tersangatlah kelam kabut.Cam gila je!
Wanna know why??Ok let me story about it.
Actually I registered my new semester last Thursday[15 Jan 09] so kalo ikutkan last Monday[19 Jan 09] I started my class.But I havent get my time table yet till that day.So how am I going to class??I called my friends at Sunday nite to confirm about it.Majority of my friends said,"No time table no class lorh".So I decided not going to class that Monday.

On that Monday,my friends text me and said that we need to submit add/drop subject form first then only we get our time table.WTF la!Cam menyusahkan je.So on Tuesday[20 Jan 09],me and my friends went to college and settle add/drop subject form.Each subject that we drop/add,we must have the lecturer signature.So since morning,me and my friends berlegar-legar kat 3rd floor[Lecturer Department] waited for all lecturer yang kena sign tuk add/drop subject form kitorang.Gila lama cari semua lecturer.After got all the lecturer signature,we must met our advisor for signature also.My advisor is Puan Junaidah Said.Luckly she is in her room when I looking for her..After complete the form,we submit at Asad'.

My class still not started yet until Wednesday[21 Jan 09].But on Wednesday, all students Business Information Technology[Dbit] went to college coz on that day,coordinator patced our time table at 3rd floor..3rd floor became crowded with Dbit students.All students including me became excited to checked our section and time table..Luckly I came early so I got clearly view.
I checked my name was in section 15.And Im happy coz there are 4 students from last semester still same class with me this semester.If not,sure I jadi gila belajar dengan classmates yang I tak kenal..To Teha,Siti,Azu and Fendi I hope that our friendship getting closser this semester..

Actually on Wednesday dah start class.But seem time table baru keluar on that day,so me and my friends decided not going to class on that day.And Im sure all Dbit students not going to class also.Finally on Thursday our class begin.On Thursday my first class start at 830 am and my first class that I entered for this semester is Maths for Computing class.And Im too shocked coz my lecturer for that subject is Miss Fatimah Bibi bt Hamzah.Oh god!Our senior said Miss Bibi is not fierce but cruel.Damn cruel!That was true coz 1st class je dia dah inform so many rules for her class.1st thing that she hate is when her students come late to her class.So we must be on time for her class.But whatever it is,I'll tried not to trouble myself during her class.I'll be on time during her class and I'll submit all her assignment.I think if I do so,there will no problem between me and Miss Bibi.Am I rite??

And one thing that I very glad is because my English lecturer for this semester is my last semester lecturer actually,Mr.Elmy Fairuz.Actually I have class with him today at 830-1030 am.But we only have class for 15-20 minutes je tadi.After sign for attendence,he dismiss the class.Well thats normal thing will happened for the first week.But after CNY break,sure no more class for only 15-20 minutes.hahaaha..

I think I have wrote to much for tonite.So better I stopped now or else u guys might felt sleep in front of ur desk.Hahahaha.

~Thz for reading~


  1. damn cruel??
    hehe...kita same r kak...
    kat skul hani pun ade cikgu cam tu..
    tapi tahun ni "kekejaman" cikgu tu agak berkurang...
    kih kih

  2. yup.damn cruel.
    tp tak tau la cz sis br skali msk kls dia.
    kalo nk tau dia cruel ke tak,tunggu la beberapa hr lagi.

  3. not fierce but cruel!!!
    Wooww..tggu jer smpai abis sem..
    tahan ker x kte dlm class tu..
    BTW,khaty jgn drop subject cik bibi taw..
    nnti teha xde kwn yg same kena bedal ngan cik bibi!!!

  4. heheh..tu la tgk je la nnt kita leh thn ke tak dlm kls miss bibi tu.
    teha dun wori whteva hppn khaty takkn drop subject tu.
    kita akan sama2 trskan perjuangn tuk kls miss bibi tu.