Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Fun Fun and Fun!!!!

Here I am again!
This is my new post..

Today i woke up at 9.00 am.I woke up early because today is the day that i hang out with my cousin and my college frenz.
Around 10.00 am i pick up my cousin at my granny house and then after that kitorang pon menghala la ke arah lrt station.
Our destination is Bandaraya because kitorang nk karoake kat ReD BOX sOGO.
We arrive at Sogo around 10.50 am..After booking our room,we are asked to waited before enter the room.

At this time,my college frenz belum sampai lagi..Eventhough they havent arrived yet,me and my cousin masuk je dulu bilik tu..Besides me and my college frenz are in the separeted room coz my cousin a bit shy nk sebilik ngn my frenz..So juz ikut jela pape pon..
Then around 12.20 I received call from Ain.She asked whether I came or not..Then I said I already enter the Red Box.I also told Ain to inform their room no to me cz aku nak g menyibuk jap kat bilik dorang..heheh

Then around 10 minutes later,Ain and Teha suddenly enter my room..What a shock!Nasib baik takde heart attack..kalo tak..hehehe
After that aku plak yang g menyibuk kat bilik dorang..That time yang ade Ain,Teha,Aida and dua pupu Aida..Nad and Ct tak dtg pon..Hari tu Ct beriaya-iya cakap nk dtg,tp tak nmpk pon batang hidung dia..hehehe..Walauapape pon best la cz akhirnye dapat gak jumpa Ain,Teha and Aida..I damnly miss u all so much!Lepas gak rindu Khaty kat korang :)

Its me yang poyo-poyo posing depan Red Box
Me and my cousin

Khaty and Ain..I hope this is not the last time i met u Ain..khaty hope sangat Ain akan stay kat KPTM sampai kita graduate..

Khaty and Teha..Sori Teha cz khaty curi masa teha sekejap tuk bergambar :)

Khaty and Aida.Wah!Bercahayalah handphone baru Aida tu :)

Ni plak gambar-gambar aku kat dalam GAME ZONE!
Hari ni enjoy hbs la!


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