Friday, 12 December 2008

"Bolero" Confirmed as OST For "Subaru" Movie

DBSK's new single Bolero has been confirmed to be the OST for Subaru, a Japanese movie based on a hit manga about a ballerina by Masahito Soda.The movie is being produced by Warner Bros. Japan and it has an impressive and a very diverse set of stars and production crew from Japan, Korea and China. Led by Hong Kong director Chi-Ngai Lee and producer Bill Kong, popular Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki plays the female lead ballerina and and Korean actress Go Ara (also under SM Entertainment, featured in HUG MV for DBSK in the past) plays her rival. These two gorgeous hazel-eyed actresses are sure to make this movie a hit! But aside a great cast, the story itself is very psychological in nature and beautiful at the same time (the feelings in the song Bolero portray this perfectly).

To hear the long version of the new song, set to be released in January 21st, go here: "Bolero" is a Spanish word for is a spanish rithym reinvented in latin american countries such as Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Cuba. The word comes from "volero", from the verb "volar" which means to fly.