Friday, 18 July 2008

Farewell for Rossa

Salam everyone..
Actually im so sad to write about this..
What i want to write is about my roomate Rossa..
On Tuesday morning[15 July 2008],I asked Rossa what time her class begin..Then she answered "lambat lagi"..
But then I saw she is wearing jeans and shirt..
So I asked her again "habis tu ni nak g mana??"
Then she answered me..She said that she's stop from the college..
Im quit shocked with her answer..Then i asked why but she's seem like to ignored my question..
So I dun want to forced her to answered my question..
After finished packing her stuff and after bersalam-salaman ngn kitorang,she left us..
Huwaaa!!!What a sad.. :(
Eventhough we've known each other only for 5 days but our relationship is getting close and close..
We[11N ROOM] lost one nice roomate.. :(
Rossa u are always in our memories..We will be missing u a lot..
Hope u dun forget us..

1 comment:

  1. huwaa...
    rossa da tinggalkan kowang dan juga aku...
    mase bile plak aku terlibat...
    nak undur kebelakang kejap...
    mane la gear reverse nih..