Wednesday, 18 June 2008

TVXQ Attracts 390,000 Fans During Asia Tour

SM Entertainment says five-member group TVXQ attracted some 390,000 audience members during their 16-month tour around Asia.TVXQ's Asian tour began in February, 2007, after it swept the 2006 year-end awards ceremony in 2006. Over the 16-month period, the group performed in six Asian cities including Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Beijing, attracting a total of 390,000 audience members along the way.TVXQ was the subject of much talk throughout the concert period. One website crashed after 300,000 fans rushed onto the site to reserve tickets, TVXQ set the record for being the number one foreign artist to attract the largest number of audience members two years in a row, and 125 stores at a Thai department store were forced to close down temporarily after 15,000 fans and reporters flocked to the venue of the press conference.In October last year, one of the scheduled concerts in Taiwan was canceled due to a typhoon, and the group members returned to Taiwan earlier this year in May to keep their promise to their fans.TVXQ plans to release a brand new album in Korea in the Fall.
*Taken from Sayang Dbsk*

Whoa!that was great!
390 000...a number that hard to achieve for a celebrity...
hwaiting2 tvxq!you guys are the best!
I'll always support u guys!


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